Your order has been made with specialty fabrics that must be cared for properly. Please follow the care instructions indicated below:

[x] Hand wash using cold water. Add a small amount of mild soap, such as Dreft (Woolite is NOT a mild soap). Wash garments separately at all times. Remove garment promptly. Do not soak or leave unattended during the washing process. Rinse thoroughly in cold water. Do not wring, rub or agitate. Blot excess water from garment. Lay flat to dry.

[x] This garment will show wear or become dull over time. To retain the brilliance of the fabric, wash only when necessary and wear only during performances. The fabric is also subject to snagging and/or flaking.

[x] Do not dry clean this garment! Dry cleaning will damage foil, hologram, and adhesive-applied finishes.

[x] Do not iron fabric. Spandex fabrics may melt if an iron is applied to them.

[ ] Sequins on this fabric are applied by the manufacturer with a chain stitch. If this stitch is pulled, the sequins will unravel. Once unraveling has occurred, it will continue unless the stitching is secured or tacked in place. Lining your garment and reinforcing the stitchings will minimize this problem. To avoid unraveling, wear only during performances.

[ ] Sequin trim hgas been sewn to your garment. Over time, you may notice threads that comprise this trim will surface. The decorative sequin trim is sewn securely to your garment; therefore, trimming these threads will not affect the wear of your garment.

[ ] Liquid sequins are applied to knit fabric with an adhesive. Over time these liquid sequins may shed. Do not iron, dry clean, or place in dryer. Perspiration and stress to the fabric such as stretching will contribute to the shedding of sequins and cause the knit fabric to run.

[ ] Rhinestones or nailheads have been applied to this garment using a heat-setting process. Prolonged or repeated exposure to high temperatures during washing or drying will damage the glue bond, resulting in the loss of rhinestones. Dry-cleaning solvents may also weaken the glue.

[ ] Set the fabric colors of your garment to prevent bleeding and to retain the brilliant colors. Do this by filling a washbasin with cold water and 1/2 cup of salt. Allow garment to sit for 2-3 minutes. Do not soak or leave unattended. Remove immediately. Hang to dry. This step must be done prior to washing. Failure to set color may result in colors bleeding or discoloration of fabric.

[ ] Dry clean only. This should be done only be a reputable dry cleaner. Fabric swatches and trims are attached. To prevent possible problems, ask your dry cleaner to test fabric swatches prior to dry cleaning your garment.

NOTE: The Line Up will guarantee the construction of all garments; however we are unable to guarantee the wear of specialty fabrics, such as hologram, foils, sequins, velvets, and adhesive-applied finishes. These specialty fabrics are extremely delicate and susceptible to wear due to perspiration, mild abrasion, snagging, sun exposure, detergents, hairspray, and heat.

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